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The Stage Bus
The Stage Bus
The Stage Bus
Who We Are

The stage bus is a double decker bus which has been converted in to a mobile stage for out door events, festivals and generally anything that needs an outdoor stage for up to 3000 people.

What's so great about The Stage Bus?

The main big thing about The Stage Bus over other outdoor stages is that it's a bus! Why have a generic run-of-the-mill stage like you see at every other festival or event when you can have your event fixed in people's memories as "the one with a bus".

One large advantage of The Stage Bus is the very short length of time and quantities of crew needed to set it up and take it down. Most stages will need many hours and a large crew to get in, often the day before the event, and then the same again to get out. The stage bus can be set up from driving on site to ready for acts to start in less than 2 hours with just 2 crew, and then the same again to take it down. Not only does this mean you don't need the site of your event for as long but also keeps cost down.

Mobile: 07738 900 762
Contact: Tom Hyland
19 Prestwood Road
Weoley Castle
B29 5EB
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